Dear people

I know I am a blog slacker.
I’ve been blogging for food.
I started working as a social media guru
for a local business.
Not sure if they want me to tell the world
over the internet
that I am their go-to gal,
but they give me free freezer meals.
It’s awesome.
Steak, shrimp, gourmet stuff
in exchange for my internet savvy.
Totally awesome.
Anyhow, I am sorry my bloggy friends.
I love you
I miss you.
I just dug into my drafts 
to try and find something
to give you.
Throw you a bone,
so you won’t completely give up on me.
Here’s a goodie from Sophia.
My kids are serious about their soda.
When they buy it with their own money
they don’t want people backwashing in it.
I love my kids more than ever.
I love my husband more than ever.
They make me laugh,
and I am sad that I am not sharing that on here as much.
Because I will forget it
if I don’t write it.
I won’t forget that I love them
but I will forget the ways that they make me laugh.
I just want to let you all know that
if you improve in one area of your life
 you are bound to revert in others.
I have been doing really good at running.
I’ve lost about 30 pounds since November.
I have been doing really good with working.
(I have two part-time jobs)
I have been doing pretty good in the marriage department.
I have even been a half-way decent mom.
I potty trained Caroline.
I have bought myself some things,
grown out my hair, 
and told myself how much I love myself
every day.
And I am even starting to believe me.
I have accomplished some of my new year’s resolutions:
camping extravaganza, 
attend temple monthly, 
waking up with LG,
staying under budget,
but I have slacked in others:
read 54 books 
(I am way behind,
and really hopeful that 
I can crank them out this summer by the pool)
I have really been slacking with my spirituality.
My prayers and scripture study have not been where I want them to be.
My service to others outside my family hasn’t been enough.
My joy in church service hasn’t been where I need it.
It’s not that I am not doing these things at all,
it’s just that as I have added in more of other things,
I haven’t given it the same dedication
and I miss it.
One thing I learned in the South is to
So I do.
But one of these days
I will be the whole package.
One of these days,
dear people.
But, really,
with giving myself grace,
I am doing magnificently.
Never been better.
Or happier.
Or healthier.
or pleased with myself.
Glory to God
for strengthening me
in all areas of my life,
just sometimes I have to choose which one.
If you want to read more
about how God strengthens us
go here.
So powerful.
and true.


  1. I love the poster!

    I don't see you as a slacker at all… whether I miss you posting or not.

    You are plenty busy… not a slacker at all.


  2. I am proud of you! Sounds like you are living life to the fullest. You've inspired me to run outside as part of my exercise regimen. Today was my first day and I actually enjoyed it. There's a sense of pride in making our bodies do such a difficult thing. Thank you!

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