Pinterest – the best church meeting ever.

You Mormon ladies know what I mean.

The rest of you need to understand that
Mormon women have been gathering
on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
to share good ideas
for almost 200 years.

If you’ve never shared ideas with a Mormon woman
you are not on Pinterest
you are really missing out.

Even my hubby was stuck on the site
for a couple of hours the other night.

His exact words were,
“I can see how this is addicting.”

Here’s some examples
of things you will find.

caption: the awkward moment when your friend’s fat
arm makes you look naked.

shredded chicken in 30 seconds.

You can hook up with me here.
As long as you are o.k. when I laugh at you

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One comment

  1. I have been avoiding it Alice. Quit tempting me. I took a glimpse but got out quick. A friend just left my house telling me to check something out on it. Oh no…I'm afraid I am going to be suckered in before nightfall. -Jennifer

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