4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies

I think that this is a great follow up post to my LunchWars book review. Jennifer is a health-nut and even she makes yummy cookies from time to time.

You have to try these cookies.
I didn’t even like nutella until I tried these cookies.

Four ingredients.
C’mon, even your kids can make them.
These cookies will be the perfect addition
to your lovely crisp Fall weekend.

Millions of world-wide Mormons will be gathered
around their computers indulging their spirits.
It’s General Conference.
Go ahead and listen with us.
But beware,
the idea of living prophets and apostles will grow on you.
These men of God are amazingly inspired.
And the only way to make their messages any sweeter is with a cookie in hand.

Why not Nutella ones?
They are the easiest cookies and so very yummy.

Perfect for after school snacks.
But make sure you don’t start making them until right before the kids get home, otherwise you will eat them all yourself.

My friend Jennifer is the greatest cook.
This was her original recipe
and then it went viral.

Her blog is called A Busy Nest.
Even Pioneer Woman likes her.
Don’t get her recipe from the wannabes,
go directly to her original post.
Here’s the link one more time.



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