Camping at Nunn’s Park

One really great cheap summer/fall activity is camping.
I think we pulled off this excursion
for the price of $15 for the site (group rate)
and $20 in groceries.
(It helps a lot to combine efforts with other families.
We didn’t share our smores though.)
If you don’t have the gear just borrow some.
I love living in the state of Utah
with all its camping abundance.
I can’t wait until all of our kids get old enough
to start backpacking.
There is something so relaxing about
leaving the rush of the world
and entering God’s country.
Nunn’s Park is so close,
we took full advantage
when a bunch of our neighbors
planned a great excursion.

This is how we do camping in Utah.
Picture overload.

Good food is a must.
Scones are a local delicacy.
Thank you to Marilyn
for setting up shop.
And to Marilyn’s hubby
for all the frying.
Good stuff.
But you must buy the honey butter in the squirty jar.
mm mm good.
Don’t try cooking the scones
in the tent.
It’s not a good idea.

Before the sun goes down,
everybody needs to hop on their bikes.

You don’t want to miss out on the local beauty.

This one is called Bridal Veil Falls.

The kids always love anything 
that includes water and rocks.

Of course there is more than one kind of beauty
that needs admiring.
Kick back and enjoy the campfire.

Smores are a must.
The kids love the tent so much that they don’t mind going to bed.

Of course camping is a lot more high tech than it used to be.
But some of the perks of camping remain the same.
Like mom and dad in their own tent.
Of course I wasn’t talking about THAT.
 You guys have such dirty minds.
Campsites are a lot closer than they used to be.
Which is why you will get your clothes back on,
get out of your tent at 2 am,
walk over to the camp full of 100 Spanish speakers
squeezed into a site made for one family,
and ask them nicely to keep it down.

In the morning, you wake the kids up at the crack of dawn,
and put them to work!

Don’t go without your favorite sausage.
And if you invite Colleen Gleason,
she will make the biggest best batch
of homemade pancake mix that you have ever seen.
Being the mother of 7 has it’s qualifiers you know.
Feeding the masses is very important.
Seriously, I mean to get her recipe.
I will share.
All kinds of grain.
And scrumptious.
She makes one big food bucket
and just adds water as she goes.
She says she used to use a bucket in two months.
When all her kids were at home.
I think I could give her a run for her money
with just four kids.
Of course because I would have to eat three pancakes
from every batch.
We plan to do a lot more camping.
Now that we are free from humidity and all varieties of bugs.
I laugh that Utah mothers actually carry around bug spray.
Are you kidding me?
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  1. We are looking forward to taking Christian camping for the first time this fall, once it cools down enough. We don't do as much cooking as you guys do – pretty much hot dogs on a stick and marshmallows for us. Still lots of fun!

  2. Honey butter…Nummy! Do you know you can't find a squeezy bottle of honey butter round these here parts? I love Cali, but that was a disappointment when I moved from Utah. That and losing out on fry sauce.

    Glad you guys had a good time! Camping is so fun, and ALL food tastes better cooked outdoors.

  3. You should camp here in Florida. Bugs big enough to carry you off. A cool Breeze. The smell of salt water in the air. Of course the boom of the pirate ship cannon announcing it's launch twice a day. And best of all, it's right beside Gator Lake.

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