Hasta luego social media.

I think I am going to scale back on the blogging,

which means better quality posts less often.

Hopefully, more posts that aren’t like this one.
I just wanted to give you fair warning.
I have a lot of other stuff on my plate:
a whiteboard of things to get done,
a job to find,
school to pursue,
and kids to take care of.
I’m sorry if that disappoints you,
but let’s face it,
there are only 100 of you readers
and I am sure you can find a fix elsewhere.
Even though something inside of me
tells me that I could make some money on the blog
(which I will do if I ever get my tax information in to AdSense)
it’s not happening fast enough to pay our whomping
$1200 a month towards LG’s student loans.
Don’t ever go to law school.
Don’t do it.
Unless you can do it loan free.
I can’t tell you how many suffering attorneys we know
with big old loan payments 
and no desire to practice law.
Today I am celebrating.
It’s not every year that the day before school
is also payday.
Heading to the bank
and then to Target.
And then to buy groceries
which will include stuff for sack lunches.
And then the rest of this week
I am going to enjoy hanging with Caroline,
and taking somewhat of a blogging hiatus,
while I finish settling into Utah to-do’s
and simultaneously searching
for viable employment
whilst ignoring social media.
Wish me luck.


  1. No law school in this girls future, count on that!! And I too hope you find your job soon. I just thought that I would let you know that I have gone back to the beginning of your blog and started reading. I thought since I'm reading the new stuff, I wanted to know where it all started. I am on January of 08, so as you can see I have lots to keep me busy as you take your hiatus. I just hope you don't stay gone too long, as we do love you and your little family so much! I totally understand the need to take a break though!

  2. We put the big push to pay down our all of our loans (including the BIG dental school one). We are now debt free and it is so great. Loans of any sort are so oppressive.

  3. hiatus is good. I haven't blogged in five weeks. I love it. I liked enjoying all my kids while Jada was home from school. I should be back up in two weeks when she goes back to school. We'll see…

  4. Yuck- student loans and debt. Yay for time with your family. I enjoy your posts whenever you crank them out! We will have to get together soon and let our boys meet your girls. 🙂 We close in just a couple of weeks and I'll email you my phone # and address.

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