Your Klout on Social Media

Recently I found myself writing up a ditty for a blog service.
The question was how can your readers connect with you?

I answered
Comment on my blog at  imsofunny.blogspot
Find me on my facebook  page, imsofunnyblog.
They can get me on my pinterest, imsofunny.
On my neglected twitter, imsofunnyblog,
On my blogfrog community, funny.
Are you following the funny theme?

Or they can e-mail me at
I thought I really should get an e-mail with the word funny in the address.
Oh well. Maybe later.

I got thinking about how much I use social media.

If I was honest with myself about how much time I spend on the computer connecting with others it may almost be embarrassing. Almost. Because I also connect with people in real life too. If I was only connecting online that would be embarrassing, but I am still good at regular face to face communication. Or at least I think so. phew.

Have you all heard of the new social media popularity contest? It’s called klout.
My score has been remaining strong between 50 – 60. Pretty good if you ask me.

Do you know what’s even more impressive?
I am now influential about three topics.
These topics are generated by klout and klout alone.
They analyze all my material on social media and determine my influence.
My first two spheres of influence: blogging and family.

My third: heaven.


So, all you Mormon haters.
If you want to get to heaven, you better start listening to me.
Klout doesn’t lie.
And I am in- flu- en-tial.
In other words, I have an in.
An in with heaven.

What could be more cool than that?


One comment

  1. I am not in the social media as much as you dear friend. I blog… I do fb but with my immediate family. (very limited) I did start Google+ but that is kinda slow… not many people are using it yet. I like the whole circles feature.

    YOU go GIRL!!!



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