Sooo Tennessee.

If this photo wasn’t taken in Tennessee,
I would be very very surprised.
Looking at this photo,
I can’t help think back to the beginning of our journey in Tennessee,
when I helped LG write his entrance exam for law school.
And remember when I confused Juris Doctorate for John Deere.
I wasn’t born in the South, but I got there as quick as I could.

Just last week, LG and I went to a wedding reception,
where we sat across from a couple that remembered me
from my mission.
I had taught their family and two of their sons were baptized
while I served my Mormon mission in South Ogden, UT.
While we chatted,
she chuckled at me several times 
and told my husband that I hadn’t changed a bit.
When she e-mailed me this photo earlier today,
I chuckled. 
No wonder I had hit if off with their family so well.
God sure knows what he is doing.

One comment

  1. We lived in South Ogden for nine years and attended the SO 5th ward. Great people in that area!

    When we first moved there in 2000, my husband and I were stake missionaries. I would go on splits with the sister missionaries quite often. They lived in a basement apt on Madison.

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