Birthdays by Lindsey

My friend Lindsey is crazy about birthdays. 
She remembers EVERYONE’s birthday.
She probably remembers the birthdays
of each of the
Presidents of the United States.
she’s got them all memorized.
She also has the most amazing internal GPS.
You can never get lost when she is around.
When I lived in Knoxville, I called her often,
gave her the name of a street I was on, 
and begged her to help me find my way home.
She would talk me through it.
Every turn.
I miss her.
I feel kind of lost without her.
Even though I am sure I can call her from
my new hometown,
and she could still somehow find a way
to help me find my way home,
physically and spiritually.
Back to birthdays,
Lindsey gives gifts even when there is no party
obligating her to do so.
The gifts are always perfectly personal.
She makes her kids special meals for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
She also bakes cakes.
Lots of cakes.
And she decorates them.
Here are several of her wonderful creations.
Don’t they get your creative juices flowing?



  1. Your friend Lindsey really does an excellent job. I am a freak too… but I don't know the birthdays of the Presidents… and it sounds like I wouldn't win a contest with against your dear friend either.


  2. I might make a typo As I am trying to comment through the tears. I miss you so much! This post was so sweet, i am not so sure about the Presidents of the United States birthdays, I do remember all there names though! (hehe) I love you and you know i am here for you even if I am 1800 miles away. ( I wold be a bit shaky directing you on the roads in orem though. 🙂

  3. Lindsey is amazing — that's all there is to it!

    Beautiful job on all these cakes Lindsey. Your kids are so lucky ~ mine are just glad I know how to order cakes from the grocery store bakery! 🙂 I could never make a cake that looked like one of these.

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