Popsicle inspired Make-over

Hailey was the first friend the girls made in Tennessee.

She lived next door at her grandmothers for about 4 years.
We enjoyed some time with her right before we left.
We were happily surprised when her recently applied eye shadow 
matched her Popsicle perfectly.
It started all kinds of fun.
Here is the other neighbor Leslie, featuring Tennessee orange.
Go Vols.

Bella was the envy of Sophia.
Purple belongs to Sophia.
No one else is allowed to have purple.
It’s Sophia’s favorite.

Somebody went a little crazy while applying Sophia’s blue.
I think that would have been Abigail.
Blue is Abigail’s favorite.

And last but not least.
Abigail doing the best she can with what was left.
I guess even red looks orange in Tennessee.

I will forever cherish the memories of our kids playing with the neighbors.
Luckily, they aren’t too old for that.
We now have new neighbors to play with.
We might have to pull out the eye shadow and popsicles one day.



  1. This is great! When I saw the first photo, for just a moment I thought she'd rubbed the popsicle on her eyes to make them green (I've had a couple of kids rub jaw-breakers all over their faces to turn them colors before).

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