Facebook – February 2011

So you know you are a recluse when the only way you know you could possibly be under a tornado watch is because you got on facebook.
I only bowled a 99. Man, I am out of shape and practice. Anytime I have bowled in the past 5 years it has been with a bumper. Make a big difference.
listening to Madonna is putting me in the mood to go bowling with the girls…just like the 80s minus the short skirt
having a forgetful teenager + a crazy toddler equals frustration….been searching for a missing cell phone for 48 hours.
I am pretty sure I scratched my eyeball when I failed to avoid something that flew up into it while changing Bella’s sheets today. red eye and pain all day. surely dead skin cells can’t cause such damage. I think it must have been something left behind by our dog. No more doggies sleeping in the bed.
Oh, and we solved the case of the missing cell phone…it was in the bottom of Abigail’s backpack. It only took 60 hours. If only I made her clean it out thoroughly the first two times I asked her to look in there.

I think an hour at the doctor was worth getting notes for Bella and Sophia to be home with me tomorrow. Excited. They feel fine, but they told me to keep them home tomorrow. I see some movie watching and cookie making in the future.
I am confessing to having a chocolate stash in my nightstand.
I really wish I had enough energy to enjoy American Idol tonight. Night yall.
We will be moving to Utah in the next few months. Are looking for some good lease options in Utah County. Need a 3 bed 2 bath (would love 4 bedrooms) where we can bring our dog and cat. Plan to rent for a few years. If anyone knows of anything I will be much obliged. Thanks.
I just had an awesome revelation…when we move to Utah, I will never have to wake up for early morning seminary!!! God knows what I need. LOL
Caroline just grabbed the bag of cool ranch doritos out from the top of the garbage can and said HEY…I guess she didn’t want those last 6 chips to go to waste…just like her daddy.
Oh man, I am gonna hear it from my CA liberal friends, but I really respect Chick fil A for sticking to their moral high ground. They stay closed on Sundays and they don’t believe in gay marriage. What this means to me = Eat more chikn.
I am typically anti-BYU and being a fan of a school just because it is Mormon-owned, but this story is funny

My husband is the most kind and tender man. I love him a lot today. He loves me best when I am the most vulnerable. I am so blessed.
Who takes the garbage out at your house?
I booked the moving truck today. Can’t believe this is happening.
I’m helping out a friend today and have three children in diapers + a 4 year old all day. You know their momma rocks when they are easy enough to give me FB time.
Mom tip1: If they don’t want tylenol @ home; they were faking
What happens when your Sunday School teacher meets your hubby’s buddy from law school. A pretty cool news story about new technology. Small small world.

Philosophers usually baffle me, but this guy seems to know what he is talking about.
red hot chili peppers on the radio bringing back some good memories…I don’t evr wanna feel like I did that day
is sick of staring at the formatting on the blog. I’ve been making too many changes and I am not staying up until 3 am again tonight.
Pecans in sweet potato casserole and salad are awesome, but I believe they may be best in ice-cream.
Between the chocolate @Taylor Michelle Waters smuggled to me at church and the chocolate in my nightstand my Sunday nap didn’t work out. 😦 Tonight Rx drugs r gonna be my chosen remedy 4 sleep.
Calories only exist if u count them – Dove chocolate
I’ve been late to get my kids 5 times in the last 10 days. I’ve got issues. I owe some teachers and staff some serious Little Debbies. At least it’s never usually more than 5 minutes. It’s a good thing we are moving soon.
Give me one moment in time when I’m more than I thought I could be.
Did I seriously just google Justin Beiber’s new haircut?

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