Sconan or Cott

I originally gave this post the title of
Scott and Conan Cruze Rock.
But, then I realized that maybe
I should have entitled it
Conan and Scott Cruze Rock.
How should I choose who to reference first?
I had a very humbling experience on Saturday.
Just when my husband needed it most,
another man showed up
with or without his phone.
Probably with.
(What is it with men and their gadgets?)
I’ll show you my phone,
if you show me yours.
there were two men that showed up.
And they look identical.
Even though they aren’t identical.
But, their hearts are identically huge.
And this woman cried
because she was so completely happy
that her husband
has two of the best friends
known to mankind.
They used to be referred to as
By my in-laws.
But, that was when they were 10.
I guess they thought
that Sconan sounded better than Cott.
I think that these two have
earned to be called
by their own
given names.
I love these men
and their wives
with all my heart.
And I am always amazed
at the wisdom of
my husband.
Even when choosing
lifelong best friends
at a very young age,
he keenly


  1. I mean, they're okay, but have you met their sister, katie?? Kidding. I think they are pretty great, too. And I have always enjoyed seeing their friendship with LG. They are all rock solid and good for each other.

  2. I love it! (And you. And LG.) But just who is that good-enough-looking-but-not-quite-really-strikingly-handsome guy with your husband in the photo?

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