First Crush

I love my daughters.

I love my relationship with them.
We always have fun! But, I am able to have the most fun with Abigail. I have discovered that the older my kids get, the more ways I can mess with them.

As I blogged about previously, Abigail’s 5th grade year was spent with a lot of teasing because of her first major crush. You can see the side of the face of her beloved smartie pants’ boy Google. It’s only natural that all of her little sisters have also decided that they love this boy. They regularly say his name to get the baby to smile.

They are both so smart and funny that it’s just natural that everyone kind of puts them together. They are smart enough to not take it too serious and funny enough to mess with.
At the end of the year awards ceremony Google was an Awards Hog.
Abigail got a bunch also, but not as many as Google. She wouldn’t want to make him look bad. As they walked up a bunch of times to get their different awards, they each displayed the same quick and determined gate. They were each trying to be humble while they were so pleased with themselves.
I just love these kids.
Here is Abigail’s glance over her shoulder on the one trip that she ended up standing next to Google.
The look says something like, “Mom, you better NOT embarrass me!”
Hope she doesn’t mind me sharing the awesome photo on my blog.
Oh, and kudos and many thanks to my masterful photographer friend Keith Poveda who captured the kodak moment. If you want his number give me a holler.


  1. Cute pic of Abigail.

    I love that you tease your kids… me too. You are a fun Mother I am sure of it… afterall you wrote this post. Love the photo too!


  2. Okay I'm not that smart because as I was reading this I thought, “What mother would name her son Google?”. Now you may tease me. Hey the ketchup at Wal Mart is still on sale.

  3. Ok, if Stacey thinks she's not “that smart” then there is truly no hope for me. I still can't figure out if that is really his name or am just really missing something. Please help!

    PS Love your kids.

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