Purple People Eater

Either Sophia is really original or Abigail is a really talented manipulator.
Or both.
Either way,
we will be having an unforgettable
One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater
Birthday Party very soon.
And here is the start of my invitations.



  1. Oh my that is so darn cute and one of the most creative birthday party ideas ever!When is Sophia’s b-day? Hope she has a great one!

  2. Creativity at it’s finest!Now I will be singing the ‘purple people eater’ song all day.Do you sing that around your house? My Dad taught me that one and sang it on cars trips… or whenever he wanted. Along with many others.ToOdLeS.ShEiLA

  3. Hey Ali,It’s your cousin-in-law, Kim:). Aunt Janie sent me Amy’s blog and of course I blog-stalked around and found yours. Your family’s so cute. Anyways, check mine out and Renae’s is linked to it.See ya!Kim

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