How to be loved.

Even skinny girls can be bribed with homemade bread.

It’s so nice to be thanked in such a worthy fashion as a blog entry. I have rarely been so flattered Ashley. I will make bread for you anytime. Especially if it means that you may gain a few pounds, so that I can feel justified in my dress size. he he



  1. That is why I never make bread anymore… I used to make it all the time… my Tony remembers the days fondly. However, I just can’t eat what I used to. B U T…if I am offered a piece of homemade bread… i don’t turn it down.ToOdLeS.ShEiLAps. i am so jealous of Ashley.

  2. So fun! I LOVE homemade bread and there is no way I could ever make it. So I beg from neighbors and settle for the store bought stuff most of the time. Hopefully no-one ever gives my kids homemade bread as good as yours or they’ll realize I’m not the super mommy they think I am πŸ™‚ You are awesome and I LOVE that you were thanked in a blog entry. P.S. Hayes Larsen found me on facebook and I gave him your blog address …. blast from the past huh?

  3. okay, come to my house and make it for me. With me.i can’t make bread!Please. We could call it a playdate.shucks. You work. I forgot. Big fat no bread bummer.

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