Life’s not fair

Life is just not fair.
I preach this message to my daughters.
I figure if they get the message into their tiny little bodies now,
they will be able to enjoy life’s injustices in their bigger mommy bodies later.
Here are some pictures to illustrate my point:
Last week, LG got this.
Abigail got this:

Abigail, Sophia, and Bella got this:
(I have to be honest, I kind of got this too, but if I admit it, the fact would ruin my point)

And, on Friday, here is what I got.

Oh, and I won’t forget to show you what else I got, even though I cringed when LG photographed it.

(I have to say now that I am grateful for LG’s assistance in my blogging goal last week – even if I was too busy to think of it, he didn’t forget)
And, the real reason that life is not fair.

On Friday, after helping LG with his practice all week guess what I got?
After catching up on all my housework,
I then got to spend 4 hours doing my favorite thing ever
and pack the whole family for the weekend!
(I, too, got to enjoy the weekend get-away, along with the rest of them, but if I told you about that here, it would also ruin my mother martyring moment)
Needless to say, last week was extremely busy.

I missed my blogging time. But, hey, life’s not fair. I’ll take it when I can get it.
I will also take the moment from last week when I bonded with a mother of a different species.
I couldn’t help but wonder how this mother bird feels about her duties on the home front?
And the quote from the day is brought to you from my blogging buddy, Sheila.

In those times in our life when we yearn to have more in our lives, we
should dwell on the things that we already have. In doing so we will often find
that our lives are full to overflowing.


  1. hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go… the life of a mother. The dishes never end and neither does the laundry… or the cooking. Life isn’t fair and even though I don’t like it I am glad I learned it from my Mother and I am glad that other Mother’s pass that same knowledge to their kids. toodles, Sheila

  2. I have that laundry pile on my bedroom floor right now! Hopefully I get off the computer soon and start doing something bout it 😉 Glad you got a weekend getaway.

  3. Oh, Alice! This post took my breath away. You know, of course it’s true, but to see it illustrated. ugh. Life truly isn’t fair, is it? I wish I had a punchy ending to this comment, but I don’t. I’ve been painting and doing housework all week, so I’ve no energy left.Call me Debbie Downer.

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