Cars speak volumes.

All my friends had personalized plates growing up.
I had a plan for what mine would be one day.

What does your car tell people about you?
Here is mine.
I am too cheap for personalized plates.
I don’ think I will ever get the cute plate I pondered about for so long.

Because my life is in my minivan,
I thought that the back of my van should start
sporting all the magnets that I could get my hands on.

I want everyone to know what I love when they look at my car.
Don’t you think that Sam’s Club pizza magnet is a nice addition?
The kids are excited to start placing magnets all over our car.
They were bummed when the pizza magnet went missing after two days.
Do you think somebody really needed that take out pizza reference number that bad?
I don’t want to believe that regular size magnets aren’t hefty enough
to withstand the travails of my minivan.
I have plans.



  1. I don’t think I would want SKUNK on my plates… but I like your idea…you should do it. Love your magnets. Does your minivan have a name? My little Saturn is Daisy. The other morning Yvette told me when she borrowed my car… on the way home she talked to Daisy and said, we have had a great ride today. Right after that we were both headed to the car to drive to Sam George to pick up her car… and in unison we both said, Good Morning Daisy! Too cute! toodles, Sheilaps. my have you been busy today Ü

  2. This is a favorite post of mine. I did the personalized plate frame.Silly boys, Jeeps are for girls.At least my jeep is:)

  3. Um my car says that is never gets washed. I have this ingrained aversion to anything on a car/bumper/window. My dad was fanatical about not putting things on our cars and it totally rubbed off. Lets see if my resolve holds when the kids start school and sports 😉

  4. Mia. I am cracking up. My parents were the same about bumper stickers. That is why I like magnets…they aren’t permanent, so even though I will probably still be driving my same Nissan in ten years, I won’t be stuck with that “my kid kicked your honor student’s butt” sticker on my bumper. 🙂

  5. I love it, Alice! My car is boring. It will never stand out. But, it definitely has a kickin sound system inside. I am with Mia. I have one magnet on my car and it is because my youngest insisted on putting his school magnet there. Guess what? I have a bit of an urk. Me no likey those kids, parents and pet vinyl stickers in the back window, either.

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