Iraqui War

I recently posted about saving the world from the 2nd holocaust.

But, now I have read this article, and wonder if there could have been a better way to save more casualties?

I know war is complicated, but it is so easy for us to turn our eyes to it when the violence occurs across the world. (I am sure Renee will be happy to hear this from me)

I am proud of our soldiers and I do feel such an obligation for our country to try and liberate the world, but thinking about the tens of thousands of Iraqui’s and their families living with debilitating injuries…it’s just so depressing. (This doesn’t even include all the lost and injured American soldiers)

Sometimes, you just have to give it all back to God. I could seriously take myself into a deep depression if I ponder on the injustices of the world for too long.

And, as I am posting this, I am wondering if you are all mad at me now for depressing you too, instead of making you laugh! Sorry!



  1. Hey I’m just happy you mentioned my name… score!No matter where you stand on this war issue, I think it’s most important to remember our soldiers and thank you for such a sincere reminder. Even the guys and gals who don’t get injured or killed still spend 18 months at a time away from their families!I get depressed sometimes too reading the news not only about the war, but hearing and seeing sadness and suffering all over the world. I totally agree that we have to remember Heavenly Father’s plan and keep an eternal perspective! I don’t know what I’d do without the Gospel!!!

  2. I’m just glad that military organizations in the US and elsewhere have abandoned the strategic doctrines of the 1930s and 40s which not just tolerated civilian casualties, but sought them. Collateral damage (accidental death and destruction) is still a serious problem. Every life lost– every limb lost– is a tragedy. But it’s a much smaller problem than it used to be, and we’re still working on that. As far as I can determine, no military organization in the modern history has spent more time and energy working on this problem than we have. And that makes me proud to be an American.

  3. So many times I’ve thought, “If I didn’t have kids, I’d enlist.” Unfortunately there ARE moms fighting! War sucks all the way around, but like the bumper sticker (that I like) says, “Freedom is not Free.”There will always be a price for freedom because freedom is a God-given blessing, and of course the adversary wants to take it away and what better way? Through the terrorists aka gadianton robbers so they need to be stopped, just as the Gadianton robbers needed to be stopped. And for those of you who don’t know what Gadianton robbers are, well, ask Ali! 🙂

  4. I definitely echo the statements of the previous commentors. There is a cost for war. Innocent blood will be shed and ramifications will be felt. Hopefully, the greater good will come. I always think of the wars in the Book of Mormon and the sacrifices that were made. It is worth it.

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