Let it Be

I was thoroughly entertained by AI’s Top 12 last night. Here is a good article with all the scoop.

Brooke White sang a great reminder to me personally last night. The message she brought to my living room from The Beatles was “Let it Be”. What a great reminder to me with some stuff I have been going through lately. I never recognized the spiritual message embedded in this song.

My other favorite, dredlock boy (I can never remember his name) did wonderfully last night also.

As for David Archuleta, I have to quote what I overheard a random Harley rider tell his friends over lunch at Applebee’s today. “Man, my man forgot his words last night. I was so bummed. I couldn’t believe it, he just choked. I hope he comes back strong next week.”

Do you think that David Archuleta understands how much this whole country is rooting for him?I mean right here in Knoxville, TN, there was a table full of rough tough looking guys right next to a table of Mormon stay home moms who all consider him “our man”! C’mon David, we are all praying for you. And as for last night, my advice to David, “let it be”.

Wow, that message is really universal….I am going to focus on letting things be this week.



  1. I am so glad you shared this. I missed it do to work! which now I am going to go utube everything. She represented and did such a great job with this! I loved it.

  2. so glad david was not voted off – it was that stripper – see what happens when the mama’s of the world are the ones voting (7x’s in a row) – we don’t put up with that crap, now do we! the guy with the hair that you mentioned, funny, i can’t think of his name either, but he has the prettiest eyes around! do you think he’ll be cutting that hair anytime soon? i am loving your blog, by the way.

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