LeGrand Voyage

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This is a sign for some event that was being held on campus a few days before LG’s Law School Graduation. I thought it showed the appropriate mood at our house right now. We are all on a LeGrand Voyage as we await LG’s bar results. The countdown has been on for aproximately 3 months, but every second that goes by makes “passing” seem so much more important.

LeGrand said it correctly the other night, “Alice, it doesn’t matter if I was to stay up and pray all night, my future is decided by my maker.” I guess I better hand over my future also. AGH – It just seems so out of my control!!!

Well, whether or not LG has an official “future” in the law 2 days from now doesn’t change the fact that we have these three beautiful girls. They make every step of the voyage worth it. And, I guess LG is the bonus for me…a bonus that will be even better if he’s happy.



  1. Eep. That’s soon. The 19th just snuck up…I didn’t realize it was upon us already. Do you know exactly what time of day you’ll know? Scott said he’s having lunch with LG and Conan tomorrow. Can’t wait….

  2. Be sure to let us know what happens. Hope you all are hanging in there — sounds like LeGrand has a great attitude about the whole thing.Had fun seeing you at lunch the other day!

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