Cool Room

This is going to be quick….check out this girl’s scrapbook room.
I am so in love with organization that I felt like I went to heaven just checking out her mixture of space and art….and the fact she shops for a lot of her finds at the Goodwill. WOW!
Now, check out the pic of my organization right now….the only thing I have in common with this lady is that we both shop at the goodwill…she must find all the good stuff…
The good news. I still have plenty of room for inspiration!


  1. Alice, I think you are funny!! And one of the more interesting, talented people that I know!! You are not afraid to tackle anything!!! And knowing you, you will have that stuff totally organized before long!! Wanna come organize my basement? It is every neat freaks biggest nightmare!!!

  2. Alice,Thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog even though I have never met you. We actually live really close to Carlsbad…we live in San Marcos. I grew up in Oklahoma so living in CA is so different for me, but we love it. You have a very cute family…the girls are adorable!

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