Redneck Caroline

We’ve been having all kinds of fun with our four new idevices.
We are so grateful to LG for spoiling us rotten this Christmas.
Abigail and I got i phones
Sophia and Bella got i pod touches.
The girls now sit right across from each other
facetiming one another
like they no longer know how to have a conversation without a device in between them.
We are all glued to our screens.
We have everything at our fingertips at all times:
free music, games, books, notepads, cameras, dictionary, google.
You name it, it’s in there.
It has been absolutely ridiculous how much we already rely on these things.
We have even adjusted our family scripture study around them.
We now have the kids read a chapter ahead of time,
on their i device, of course, 
because that somehow makes it much more fun than the regular paper Bible.
They make notes on their gospel library app as they read.
We then get together and discuss what everyone learned.
It is awesome.
Totally awesome.
Our scripture study has never been better.
We are truly likening the scriptures to our own lives.
I have been floored at the insight our kids have gained.
If I would have known what would have transformed from getting
i stuff, I would have done it a long time ago.
Of course, we have also been having a lot of fun.
Check out the juicyfruit sweet talk app.
Absolutely hilarious.
Please disregard my overly obnoxious laugh at the end.


  1. that is funny and yes you are all spoiled… but I think that is a good thing.

    One of these days… I will get an idevice… we are working on it.


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