Sesame Street Greats

I have been a loyal fan of Sesame Street,
almost since it’s inception in 1969.

Sesame Street is 4 years older than me,
which means that I have never known a life without it.

Oh how glad I am.
And oh how happy it makes me that Caroline loves it too.
She’s just like the rest of my girls.

How could anyone not love Sesame Street?



  1. I have always like Sesame Street.

    can you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street?

    But I must admit that I haven't seen it in F O R E V E R.


  2. I love Sesame Street. Cookie Monster and Oscar were my favorite. When I really small the “Count” scared me. LOL…. my children never loved it like I did. They loved Barney and Teletubbies.

  3. Sesame Street came along when my first baby was one year old—perfect. From there I raised all six of my children on Sesame Street. Loved watching these clips. I feel sad that most my grandchidlren have not followed in their parents footsteps.

    Holly, I loved your comment!!! Me, too.

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