See the light

At church today, during the kids’ learning time, one of the leaders pulled out an object lesson. She had drawn a picture of a lightbulb and showed it to the 25 children, ranging in ages from 3-8, as she explained that she meant to bring a real lightbulb but forgot it in her rush out the door.

So, she posts the lightbulb and throws out a question to the kids: “If this were a real lightbulb what would it need to light up?” The first child pulls out the obvious answer from a child….a lightswitch.

My daughter Abigail raised her hand and eagerly awaited her turn to be called on. She was called on second. Now, remember, she is 6 years old. She says as matter of factly as possible,”Electricity!” Where does this child come from? I called her “little smartie pants” in front of all the other kids. I think I kind of embarassed her a little. But, golly, what am I going to do? The kid almost knows more than me already. I am doing way too good of a job teaching her. (Just kidding) I really do give all credit to her Father’s genes and the time that she spends with her Papa asking question after question….bringing me to my favorite quote.

“All knowledge begins with wonder.” – Noah Webster

So, go find out something new today.


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