My brother David was just visiting on a business trip and he introduced us to the world of geocaching. We had so much fun! I can’t believe I didn’t take my camera…next time. I just love you David, and I really am sorry for all the torturing as a child. (I will blog about the “shut up” game another day)

Yeah, even though I am in my 30’s and David is closely approaching the BIG 3-0 also, he still had to act brotherish, in a torturous kind of way today. He waited until after he had me hooked on the geocache find to tell me, “Alice, this may not be the best hobby for you.”

I have no idea what he is talking about….just because I would search for hours, not share the GPS with my children, ruin my new tennis shoes in the mud quicksand, scale hotel walls, and let my chicken burn in the oven to find that darn canister, he thinks I am a little overzealous…oh, the nerve! He knows how obsessive compulsive I am and he didn’t even give me a disclaimer. He will never admit it, but secretly he was trying to addict me….I am sure it makes him feel better to have another adult join his madness.

And, so what if I took one more stop later in the day when no one was looking…still haven’t found it, but no one else has in the past year either. They don’t even know if it is still there, but gosh danget, I will succeed…eventually. And, yes, this will be such a GREAT hobby…what else would lure me away from blogging!



  1. Jody is addicted too! Once he gets going it’s all he wants to do. he even makes runs out of finding geocaches. I don’t know if his athletes like it or not though. Last week they were climbing all over Timp trying to find some. But we have fun with it. They even have virtual Geocaches in National Parks and State parks. Good Hunting!

  2. Paul and I went geocaching once. We found one real close to our apt (in Orem) and thought we could walk because the lattitude and longitude didn’t seem that far away. We ended up turning around, getting in our car and finding it 2 miles up the road.

  3. My sister-in-law loves Geocaching too. So of course her boyfriend hid a diamond ring in a canister and took her on a hunt one afternoon. What better way to propose to a geo freak?

  4. Alice, if you love geocaching, you should join in on our serious addiction of letterboxing. We have been involved for about 2 years and are hooked. What great exercise. Heather Brimhall

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